Emerging Image Modalities Representation and Compression


Prof. Marcelo Zuffo of University of S. Paulo, Brazil, kindly offered the following Point Cloud dataset to JPEG for testing. Download the full database as a zip file here. In the following are the links to each of the 10 Point Cloud sets.

Name Point Cloud Characteristics View Download Zip File
BumbaMeuBoi Bytes: 5519760
number of points: 150388
color: uint8
BumbaMeuBoi BumbaMeuBoi
CITIUSP Bytes: 88948385
number of points: 5929878
color: -
DouradoSite Bytes: 392056911
number of points: 26137113
color: -
DouradoSite DouradoSite
ErasmusMill Bytes: 66191900
number of points: 66191900
color: -
ErasmusMill ErasmusMill
Ipanema Bytes: 130063017
number of points: 8128921
color: uint8
Ipanema Ipanema
ItanguaCanyon Bytes: 81855155
number of points: 5456996
color: -
ItanguaCanyon ItanguaCanyon
RamosDeAzevedo Bytes: 962305626
number of points: 64153694
color: -
RamosDeAzevedo RamosDeAzevedo
RomanOilLight Bytes: 42120710
number of points: 1286052
color: uint8
RomanOilLight RomanOilLight
Labrador Bytes: 2200407
number of points: 55158
color: uint8
Labrador Labrador
VillaLobosPark Bytes: 109327550
number of points: 7288489
color: -
VillaLobosPark VillaLobosPark
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